The information is given in good faith.

There are many graves with 'footstones, as well as a large number of "kneelers' in the graveyard.

Two of the graves with what are 'almost' unquestionably footstones
have an inscription on the WEST side of the footstone.

Many of the inscriptions are lost, some are partially lost and many are extremely difficult to read.
Whilst every effort is made to check the accuracy,
no guarantee can be given the reading of any inscription is correct.

As with the headstone,
m any records in the Burial Register are uncertain and VERY difficult to read,
where rhe record contains the statement "Entry for Xxxxxx Xxxxxx in Burial Register"
it means there is an entry which may well be related to names on that particular headstone.

Possible relationships as usually indicated as (?) and the record may also show
dates from the Burial Register conflicting with that on the Headstone.

Happy Hunting!

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